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LS Body Jewelry, 316L SS Piercing, Boxed Plug

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LS Body Jewelry
* Available in various sizes.
* Competitive price with special discount for Body Jewelry
* Company Information.
- Our Factory is in Seoul, Korea.
- We have been doing body jewelry manufacturing and business for Ten years.
- Export to USA, EU, Japan, and etc.
- Raw Material: 316L Stainless Steel, Titanium G5 Eli, Acrylic, Silicone
* LS Body Jewelry : Qualified Hi Seoul Brand Company
The Excellent Company Brand of Seoul

The Hi Seoul Brand wordmark has been conceived from HI SEOUL, the catch phrase for Seoul. The Hi Seoul Brand wordmark has been launched for the products of excellence introduced by companies in the Korean capital.

The Hi Seoul Brand was launched in 2004 with the aim to promote marketing activities of business that produce excellent-quality goods. The Hi Seoul Brand represents high quality officially approved by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

* Main items: tongue rings, bcr (ball closure ring), logo straight barbell, Jeweled straight barbell, internally straight barbell, curved barbell - belly button rings, banana, Add-on, logo curved barbell, Jeweled curved barbell, Internally curved barbell - custom body jewelry, circular barbell - horse shoe barbell, logo circular barbell - custom body jewelry, Jeweled circular barbell, tribal cut circular barbell, spiral barbell - Helix, wound barbell, logo spiral barbell - custom body jewelry, Jeweled spiral barbell, "S" "D" "?" "L" spiral barbell, labret, logo labret, Jeweled labret, cross labret, captive rings - BCR, captive beads, ball closure ring, logo captive rings, Jeweled captive rings, bar rings, cobra rings, bared wire rings, seamless rings, segment rings, spring ball captive rings, "D" shape captive rings, teardrop captive rings, cross captive rings, surgical steel casting body jewelry, surgical steel casting tribal cut captive ring, surgical steel casting tribal cut buffalo captive ring, surgical steel casting tribal cut buffalo claw, surgical steel casting tribal cut cloud captive ring, surgical steel casting custom body jewelry, silicone body jewelry, silicone straight barbell, silicone curved barbell, silicone jeweled barbell, flesh tunnel, round flesh tunnel, hexa flesh tunnel, flesh tube, round flesh tube, spiral flesh tube, flared eyelet, double flared eyelet, plug, logo plug, jeweled plug, round plug, flat plug, curved plug, spike plug, bullet plug, tapered plug claw - talon, logo claw, jeweled claw, ball headed claw, round headed claw, flat headed claw, nail, nose rings - nostril body jewelry, nose stud, nose bone, nose screw, straight nose stud, jeweled nose stud, jeweled nose bone, jeweled nose screw, jeweled straight nose stud, nipple ring, nipple shield, nipple rounder, nipple retainer, septum spikes, septum retainer, septum bullet, hole expander, logo hole expander, jeweled hole expander, ball headed hole expander lip rings, eyebrow rings, tusk, stirrups, fishtail, externally - screw in balls, dimple ball - clip in balls, thread ball - screw on balls, doorknocker, unicorn, Viking clubs, sunflower, curved nail, hammer - capsule barbell, light stick, glow in the dark, epoxy, ptfe - P.T.F.E., glitter, tapered plug, 2mm Micro Ball and nickel free stainless surgical steel body jewelry